Our Schools

St Nicholas Owen Catholic Multi Academy Company is comprised of six schools

Our Motto

In Jesus we live learn and serve.

Our Mission

Together we are committed to excellent education for all rooted in Gospel values, inspiring a love for life-long learning and following the compassion of Christ.

Who is Saint Nicholas Owen?

St Nicholas Owen was born into a Protestant country at the time of Henry VIII. He became a carpenter and served the Jesuit priests in England for two decades by constructing hiding places for them in mansions throughout the country.

He played a vital part in preserving our Catholic faith, and has strong links with our local centre of pilgrimage at Harvington.

As our Multi-Academy Company has a principal aim of securing Catholic education for Catholic children within the local area, it is particularly fitting that the name should reflect that of a man so inextricably linked with both preserving our Catholic faith and our immediate locality.

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